Registration open through January 7th for new Winter/Spring semester classes at CHESS, meeting for 16 weeks starting in January. An updated Class Schedule is also available under the Courses tab.

P.E. 4-6 with GamePoint Athletics

CHESS is pleased to be hosting this program run by GamePoint Athletics
Mondays, 1:10-2:10, Grades 4-6

P.E. 7-9 with GamePoint Athletics
Mondays, 2:20-3:20, Grades 7-9

Our health and physical education program is written with the homeschool family in mind, and meets the needs of parents looking for a robust and comprehensive P.E. curriculum for their children. Our program is designed to teach elementary, middle, or high school students the skills and principles necessary for life-long athletic participation and competition in a wide variety of activities.  These skills and concepts are useful to every person for living a vibrant, physically active lifestyle. There are 4 elements or pillars that make up our P.E program:  1) character education, 2) physical activity and why it’s important, 3) cooperative/team building skills, 4) social interaction.

SAT Math Prep: Camilla Rivera
Mondays 3:30-4:30                     

Using the Official SAT Study Guide, online resources, and other available resources we will practice taking the SAT test, figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each student, develop a plan to get each student ready for the test, review and practice. It is suggested that a student start studying 12-15 hours a week about 6-8 weeks before taking the test. If you are nearing your test date this class will boost your confidence and test taking skills. If you are not yet near your test date but are looking for ideas to help get you ready, this class will also help you learn how to study and how to get ready for when the test time arrives. Completion or current enrollment in at least algebra 2 is recommended.

Career Exploration and Job Search Skills: Sandy Boemerman
Grades 10 – 12, Mondays at 10;30

Many students graduate from college with a degree and cannot find a job!  This class will help your student learn life- long skills in choosing a college major and a career that has a future in today’s competitive market.  This is a valuable class for college bound and non-college bound students.   The essential skills your student will learn are figuring out what interests, skills, values and personalities they have that can translate into a career or job, and how to find out about those careers, including the future outlook of those careers. We will also explore college degrees that match their interests.

Fearless Public Speaking: Betsy Dill
Mondays 1:10-2:10

Every career depends on the persuasive transfer of information in an engaging fashion. Begin that training in a no-stress atmosphere where humor is welcome and peers are supportive. Research your own interests, organize the information, design visual aids, and share with others. We begin one on one, and work our way up. Participate in a filmed “celebrity” talk show (students become the celebrity, and later act as interviewing host) as well as a newscast. Learn to relax in the spotlight and maybe even enjoy it! More information on request.