About Us

mission-vision photoOur Vision

Our vision at CHESS is to help parents homeschool through high school by providing classes that enrich students’ lives, develop their abilities, and challenge them to explore their life’s purpose. CHESS is available to students in seventh through twelfth grade.

We are here to help you homeschool through high school.

Our Mission

CHESS provides courses that enrich the homeschool. Students benefit from working among their peers in a personal, small-group environment that encourages excellence, led by experienced, homeschool-friendly teachers who evaluate their work and challenge them to think. CHESS helps parents homeschool through high school by offering courses such as foreign language, lab science and writing, as well as subjects that flourish in a group environment. We also offer college-level courses at the high school pace, which allow students time for mastery of the material. CHESS helps students prepare for higher education and develop skills for life.

CHESS operates on three basic principles: 1. Commitment to the group learning experience (regular attendance and completion of assignments), 2. Respect for others, 3. Communication


Our Teachers

Our teachers come from a wide variety of disciplines. You can read about them on our Teacher Biographies page, and you can contact them by email through our Contact Page.