Before Applying: is CHESS right for you?

Before Applying: is CHESS right for you?


Questions for Parents to Consider


CHESS operates on three basic principles:

  1. A commitment to the group learning experience (regular attendance and completion of assignments)
  2. Respect for others
  3. Communication


Am I committed to homeschooling?

Students will meet with teachers only once or twice a week; therefore, parents need to stay involved in their student’s education, review their assignments with them, monitor their home study hours, and record their student’s grades. Remember CHESS is not a school and does not provide transcripts. Save your grades and course descriptions.


Am I committed to regular class attendance for my students?

Regular class attendance is expected. CHESS provides a unique group learning experience, in a one- or two-hour per week format, and we keep our class sizes small. When a student is absent, the whole class can be affected; and, in many cases, it is impossible to make up what has been missed, i.e., classroom lecture and practice. Therefore, absences are considered excused only in the cases of illness, family duress, or annual testing; not in the case of travel, competitions, and other choices. Review the CHESS calendar and apply only if you anticipate missing not more than two of the 33 weeks we are in session. A student may be dropped from any class upon incurring three unexcused absences.


Have I read and agreed to the class Prospectus before enrolling my student in that class?

Reading the Prospectus and meeting the teacher gives you the best idea of what to expect from your class. The Prospectus is an agreement that sets teacher, student and parent roles. Parents need to follow through with any requirement stated in the Prospectus, such as proctoring tests, reviewing homework, or corresponding with the teacher.


Have I read the Tuition, Fees, Payments and Refunds document?

This document explains what you need to know before applying for classes, such as what to do if you decide to change your application after submission (and the fees for those changes), and important financial deadlines. Before you apply, you’re required to have read and agreed to the Tuition, Fees, Payments and Refunds document.


Have I read and agreed to the Family Participation Agreement?

Before you apply, you’re required to have read and agreed to the Family Participation Agreement, our policy manual, which includes our dress code.


Do I check my email regularly?

The CHESS administration and teachers regularly communicate through email. Every family is expected to check their email at least twice weekly and before going to class for updates such as class cancellations.

CHESS meets at 8730 Sudley Road, Manassas, in the “Rock” building next to Manassas Baptist Church.


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