Want to succeed in your academic and social graces this year? Read and apply the CHESS Classroom Courtesy Countdown! Special thanks to Kathy Kuhl for brainstorming this idea.
And now, the countdown…
10. Always label your work with your name in the format as requested by the teacher.
9. Write legibly.
8. If you are late for class, come in quietly.
7. Always ask permission from the teacher if you need to leave the room.
6. Raise your hand, then wait to see if you are called on before speaking.
5. Participate! You determine what you get out of the class.
4. Always ask the teacher when you don’t understand, someone else may not understand either.
3. Come prepared with your books, homework, writing tools, etc.
2. When you are absent, find out about your homework before the next class meets.
1. Always respect others, keep your hands, feet, or other personal items to yourself.