Student art – The Creatives, Drawing, and Studio classes 2017

We are always amazed at the quality and creativity of our students’ art.  Year after year, CHESS is blessed with great art students and great art teachers.

Also check out our student poetry and student writing!


CHESS 2017 gallery

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Greta – Wed. SA2, Watercolor

Nick – Studio Art II, transformed book

Rachel – Drawing,
Children’s Book Style Illustration

Joshua – Mon Creatives, Elements of Art

Kaelan, Wed. Creatives,
Warhol inspired linoleum cuts

Coat of Arms

Jocelyn – Studio Art, collage with cut overlay

Elizabeth – Wed creatives
Chinese Brush Painting

Sarah – Monday Creatives
Not Just a Boring Color Wheel

Nick – SA2, Silk Screening


Vicky – Drawing, Composite Sketch

Noelle – Monday Creatives, Batik

Josh – 3D Art, Rigid Wrap Sculpture

Madeleine – 3D Art, Chipboard Letter


Sasha – Art I, Cut Paper

Kevin – 3D Art,
Hanging Duralar Scuplture


Jocelyn – Wednesday Studio Art II
Silk Screening


Nick – Studio Art 2, antique wall wreath

Sarah – Creatives, Paper Cutting

Sarah – Creatives, Triple Parody

Joshua – Monday Creatives

Sasha – Realistic Face

Rachel – Wednesday Creatives
Polymer Clay Sculpture

Joshua – Monday Studio Art
Antique Door Wreath

Nick – Monday SA2, Paper Collage Cutting