Student art 2014-15

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Rachel Hughes, Drawing 2015-2016, one-point perspective

Rachel, Drawing 2015-2016, one-point perspective

Jocelyn Frantz, Drawing, White Charcoal

Jocelyn, Drawing, White Charcoal


noah zupan 3D Art Project PIZZA CLOCK SURREALISM small

Noah, 3D Art Project, Surrealism, Pizza Clock

Rachel Hughes, Drawing in Depth class, Caricature small

Rachel, Drawing in Depth, Caricature, Reese Witherspoon

Amberly Dixon - Drawing - Caricature - Einstein cropped

Amberly, Drawing in Depth, Caricature, Einstein

Naomi Notheis, Creatives, relief, Van Gogh wood box

Naomi, Creatives, Relief, Van Gogh wood box

Helena Williams, Drawing, Charcoal sketch

Helena, Drawing, Charcoal sketch

Rachel Tapp Studio Art II & III

Rachel, Studio Art II & III

Christina Ciola, Creatives, nature mosaic

Christina, Creatives, nature mosaic

Nyssa King, Creatives, Georgia O’Keefe kite 2014

Nyssa, Creatives, Georgia O’Keefe kite 2014

Amberly Dixon, Drawing, Line techniques

Amberly, Drawing, Line techniques

Helena Williams, Drawing, Pop Art

Helena, Drawing, Pop Art

Rachel Fleming, Creatives, Batik (pillow)

Rachel, Creatives, Batik (pillow)

Helena Williams, Drawing Composite sketch

 Helena, Drawing Composite sketch

Naomi Notheis, Creatives, self-portrait movie poster

Naomi, Creatives, self-portrait movie poster

Amberly Dixon, Drawing, A collection of painted tiles

Amberly, Drawing, collection of painted tiles

Rachel Hughes, Creatives, children’s book illustration

Rachel, Creatives, children’s book illustration

Christina Ciola, Creatives, self portrait

Christina, Creatives, self portrait

Rachel Hughes, BATIK

Rachel, BATIK

Amberly Dixon, Drawing, Linoleum cut

Amberly, Drawing, Linoleum cut

Teaghan's poster

Teaghan, Creatives, poster

Rachel Grace, Creatives, pencil portrait

Rachel, Creatives, pencil portrait

Nyssa King, Creatives, Batik

Nyssa, Creatives, Batik

Eva Johnson, Creatives, Batik

Eva, Creatives, Batik

Helena Williams, Drawing, Realistic sketch

Helena, Drawing, Realistic sketch

Teaghan Doran, Creatives, kite design

Teaghan, Creatives, kite design