Prospective Teachers

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Centreville Homeschool Enrichment Support Services—CHESS. You should know several things about our program to help you decide if you’d like to apply:

1. CHESS is not a school

There is no official program of study, no required classes, no transcripts, no diplomas. Curriculum is selected by teachers, who are independent contractors.

We support families who homeschool by offering a la carte classes students in grades 7-12. Our goal is to help families homeschool through high school, though we also teach middle school-level classes. We are a service, not a school.

2. Requirements to teach

We do not require formal certification. However, we do require:

  • Strong Christian faith and clear Christian testimony. Applicants should expect both a phone interview and a personal interview. All teachers must sign our statement of faith.
  • Active involvement in a local church and spiritually accountability to that church’s leadership.
  • Gifts in teaching.
  • Expertise in the subject matter (expertise gained through study, experience or a combination of the two).
  • A positive and supportive attitude towards homeschooling, with a heart for discipleship. Our goal is to support, encourage, and care for the students and families that come to our program.


3. Schedule

CHESS. classes meet one or two hours a week, on Mondays and/or Wednesdays. (At this writing, only math and foreign language classes meet twice a week.) Our hours are Mondays 9:40 am-3:20 pm and Wednesdays 12:00-4:30 pm at Centreville Baptist Church. Our classes meet for sixty minutes. We have ten-minute breaks between classes, but no lunch hour. See our current schedule.

Your class or classes would need to fit into our schedule, so that students taking your class could also take other classes, if they wish. You may tell us when you’d like to teach, but if you are somewhat flexible, it is easier for us to tweak the schedule to improve the chances of your class getting enough students to be run. (See Independent Contractors, below.)

Our classes meet for 33 weeks, from just after Labor Day into May. A few classes run 16 weeks, starting in September or late January, and even fewer run for 8 weeks.

 4. Pay

Teacher pay increases with class size. We run classes if at least 5 students sign up before registration closes in August. We limit classes to 12 students. We will not charge extra for your class, even if you feel it is worth more. We keep costs low to support homeschooling. You will see that tuition at CHESS is a bargain.

You may collect a fee at the first class for textbooks and materials, if needed. If we mutually agree that your course is an honors level course, we charge, and you receive, a one-time additional fee of $45 per student.

We offer discounts for families with multiple students and for students taking more than one class. If your child is taking a class you are teaching, we do not charge you tuition for your own child, of course.

 5. Christian atmosphere, open to all

CHESS. is open to all families. It is run and taught by men and women committed to biblical Christianity. Teachers are free to express that faith in their classrooms. But since we have students of all faiths and none, teachers should not expect all students to share those beliefs. We teach and model respect for others.

6. Independent Contractor position

Understand that if you are accepted to teach at CHESS, you serve as an independent contractor, not an employee. We cannot promise that any of your classes will run. In April, we start advertising classes for the fall. Parents submit registrations beginning late May. By August 1, if at least five students have enrolled in a class, then we commit to run that class.

Still interested? Then we’d love to talk to you. Please:

  1. Look at the course descriptions on this website, and draft one paragraph for each class you would like to teach, including your textbook, if you intend to use one, by February 15th.
  2. Provide the name and phone number of two references. We prefer a personal recommendation from an associate of CHESS or homeschooling, or those in the field of education.
  3. Tell us how to contact you to arrange a brief initial telephone interview.
  4. You can learn more about how CHESS works by reading the Participation Agreement for families.
  5. Download and read prospectuses from some of this year’s courses, and begin thinking about writing prospectuses for your class or classes.


Thank you for your interest in serving homeschooling families with us.  


Tara Taylor
703 753-1901, Mon.-Fri., 9-5
Tara Taylor

Kathy Kuhl
Assistant Administrator
Kathy Kuhl