Current Teachers

Christina Bacca

Christina holds a Master’s degree from The George Washington University and a B.A. in both Spanish and French. She has studied in Spain, France and Mexico. She developed a love for teaching as a child, when she played school with her brother. Christina taught in Fairfax County Public Schools and had the privilege of teaching other educators Spanish at UVA and George Mason University. She is married to a native Spanish speaker, homeschooled her two daughters, has tutored for 17 years and is amazed at how God has given her so many opportunities to use Spanish. Currently, Christina is passionate about developing a homeschool curriculum using Comprehensible Input, a method that allows students to understand a second language from Day 1 and acquire a high degree of proficiency in the language and the confidence to use it.

Paul B. Hurdle Jr.

Paul holds a Master’s degree from Webster University in Business and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Spring Garden College. Paul has been married to Bonita, (as he puts it- “his greatest blessing”) for 36 years and has 4 children (3 boys and a girl) all of whom are strong believers and have completed or are attending college. Paul is a retired twenty-year Air Force veteran who specialized in Acquisition Management. Paul’s love for teaching has shown itself in tutoring his children in math and science through high school as well as some tutoring roles in college. Paul has lived and worked in the Northern Virginia area since 1994. He has also been a very active teacher in all of the churches he has attended to include Centreville Baptist Church (CBC) where he taught second graders for over five years, the young adults Fusion Bible class for a number of years as well as adult and men’s classes. He has also served as a CBC deacon, on the pastor’s search and church’s new construction committees. Paul is passionate about learning and teaching and believes our children are our future and we can choose no better endeavor than to pour our lives into them where education is paramount.

Kimberly Glover

Kimberly combined her passions for teaching and photography into one fulfilled dream at CHESS. She has always loved teaching, beginning with the Bible classes she taught as a high school student. She studied English at the University of Memphis in Tennessee, with the goal of teaching high school, and also studied psychology at Northwestern State University in Louisiana. Married to a writer and editor, she has been educating their children at home for more than a decade. Mrs. Glover’s passion for photography inspired her decision to start Cedar Box Photography two years ago. She applies the creative skills she has learned in that role to her activities in the homeschooling community, which include yearbook photography, senior portraits and graduation photos.

Lorie Zellner

Lorie graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Elementary Education and taught in a private school for two years before having her children. Her oldest four children have been homeschooled from preschool through high school and participated in many CHESS classes over the past 10 years. Her two youngest are continuing in their education at home and are taking classes at CHESS. Lorie has taught various classes at co-ops and enjoyed teaching first and second graders in Sunday school at her church.

Sandy Kelly

Sandy has a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Geneva College. She has taught chemistry at the college level at the University of Maryland and at Lord Fairfax Community College and has taught home school high school students chemistry for over ten years, both in co-ops and in private homes. She and her husband homeschooled their now 27-year-old son, who has two degrees from George Mason University and is working for a large information technology services company.

Betsy Dill

Betsy, who homeschooled her son from grades 1-12, studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University. Formerly a full-time art and creative writing teacher in Christian schools, Betsy has been with CHESS for 15 years. She has over thirty years’ experience working as a professional illustrator for a PBS TV station and advertising agencies in addition to illustrating two children’s picture books, and producing company logos and fashion illustration for department stores, among other things. She is director of a professional writer’s club in the DC metro area and her humor and inspirational writings have been published in magazines, newspapers, and book compilations. She is also a former Guideposts Magazine writer’s contest winner, and nominee for a Disney Teacher Award, honoring creativity in teaching.

Camilla Rivera

Camilla has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University. She has taught, maintained, and written computer programs for the business world. While in the business world, she found out she loved teaching and just continued at home with her children. She homeschooled both of her children from preschool through high school graduation for a total of seventeen years. After teaching science for ten years at CHESS, Camilla has decided to teach math. Her love of math is really what landed Camilla in the engineering field, and she hopes she can transfer her love of math to as many students as possible.

John Jenkins

John is a publisher, author and conference speaker who has been teaching homeschoolers for 20 years and at CHESS since its inception. John’s classes include effective writing for high school and college, critical reading and thinking skills, fiction writing, literature, mock trial and Microsoft Office skills. John also offers storytelling mentorships to both adults and students with a serious interest in fiction writing. His writing credits include nine short stories for Focus on the Family, including “If One Falls” which took the Higher Goals first place award for fiction in the 2000 EPA publisher’s competition for Breakaway magazine. John’s most recent books are I Love Baseball and Ghost Pirates, which are part of his Young Heroes series. John is married and a proud father of two adult sons, four lovely granddaughters, a grandson and a great granddaughter. John has lived in No. Va. all of his life. A Christian since 1970, John teaches Sunday school at Clear River Community Church. All of John’s books are available at and carried on Amazon.


Mary O’Donnell Mary is a veteran homeschooling mom and teacher with a B.A. in Education/Psychology who grew up in Belgium, attended French speaking schools, and looks forward to her trips back home to visit family. In addition to teaching her own children, and various homeschool co-op classes when needed throughout the years, her passion for the last 18+ years has been in teaching and developing curricula for Christian-centered junior and high school level French classes through French IV, specifically geared for homeschoolers. Within the last four years, Mary has written and published an Introduction to French curriculum purposely for junior high homeschooled students, in order to address the need for a gentle introduction to a foreign language – especially for those who might be struggling learners. She inspires her students to succeed by not only breaking down the material into manageable pieces, but also by her enthusiasm for them and their progress. Mary has always had a great love for Internationals, loves to speak Spanish whenever possible, and would love to learn Italian next. She is a recent nominee for The National Society of High School Scholars, Claes Nobel Education of Distinction, and is a member of the American Association of Teachers of French.

Sandy Boemerman
Sandy has been teaching at CHESS for 3 years, and has taught the Worldviews and the Study Skills class twice each. She homeschooled her son and daughter, both whom have graduated, are attending college, and performing very well. Her son has been happily married for 3 years. Sandy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Master’s Degree in Education – both from Virginia Tech. Before she became a mother, Sandy worked with emotionally disturbed children, worked for Fairfax County Social Services, and was the Personnel Manager at an education association. In addition, she taught a Study Skills class, and a Career Exploration class at Prince George’s Community College. While homeschooling her children, Sandy taught classes in a 4-H club using their curriculum for Photography and Art. As part of 4-H, she developed and taught a Career Exploration class for teens. Sandy is a Stephen Minister at her church, ministering one on one with women going through a difficult time. Teaching and helping teenagers is a passion, she remembers clearly what it was like to be one, and likes to assist teens in any way she can.

Dee Dee Kintzing
Dee Dee is a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in education. She has over 30 years of teaching and tutoring experience in a variety of subjects and learning programs, including public high school, Classical Conversations, and several homeschool coop and enrichment programs. Within the CHESS community, she has taught classes for over a dozen years, including subjects such as Art, Speech & Debate, and World Geography. Dee Dee’s three homeschool graduates and former CHESS enrollees who were homeschool educated from pre-K through high school, and are currently excelling in college and graduate school.



Katrina Hadley
Katrina has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with Honors from the University of Kansas. She began her career at the National Security Agency analyzing encrypted messages, then moved on to Accenture, helping to develop a $15M enterprise application as part of the technical team for the Tennessee Department of Corrections. She then worked with SAIC as a consultant for the FBI, designing, testing, installing, debugging, and supporting the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). Her responsibilities also included managing installations and upgrades of CODIS throughout the forensic community in the U.S. and leading training sessions and creating training manuals. And then there were kids. She left the “working” world and views her highest accomplishment as raising her four children and homeschooling them for 13 years. During that time, she tutored Foundations and Essentials classes of the Classical Conversations homeschool program for nine years, while also becoming a Tutor Trainer for its summer practicums. She hung up her homeschool hat this past fall, but her combined passion for math and educating the next generation for God’s glory ensues, and so she is excited to teach classes at CHESS.


Anthony Weaver
Anthony is a teacher with a desire for helping students with succeeding in academics and also in using knowledge for practical purposes. He graduated from University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology but possessed a love for many subjects including mathematics and the arts with his favorite subject being history. Though he spent most of his life as a resident in the state of Maryland, his church and friends have always been in Fairfax where he currently resides today. Both during and after school, he worked at a variety of jobs and activities including being a cameraman, gardener for the U.S. Botanical Gardens in D.C., an actor and back-stage manager for his local theatre group and a tutor for other students in high school and college. He currently works at Ad Fontes Academy as a teacher in both upper school and lower school.


Kristin Weinzapfel. Kristin received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. She spent her professional years before family in Human Resources writing a variety of management and training documentation. After relocating to Northern Virginia in 1995, she worked as a technical writer supporting Department of Defense/Health Affairs projects. She has home schooled her children for twelve years and graduated her oldest son last year. She has two other children and plans to continue home educating through high school. Kristin has taught a variety of courses within the home school community, but most of her time has been spent teaching fourth through eleventh grade English Grammar and Composition classes. In addition to a love of reading that is often distracting, Kristin has a strong passion for strengthening each student’s ability to communicate well through the written word.

Terry Kim. Terry holds a Master’s degree in Religion from Liberty Theological Seminary. He has a passion for youth and has served them for over ten years in a ministry and academic context. He has a strong passion for Bible literacy and shows it through his teaching as well as life applications. He loves building up relationships with his students and thus loves the homeschool teaching environment where he has the ability to treat them as individuals. He currently serves as the NOVA Advancing Native Missionaries Representative, an organization that supports indigenous missionaries in their home countries. He is currently married to his beautiful wife for 6 years and loves to spend his free time with “nerdy” hobbies.

Lynn Lewis. Lynn Lewis grew up in Southern California and earned a B.S. in Psychology at California Lutheran University. She earned an M.A. in Biblical Counseling at Grace Theological Seminary, studying under Dr. Larry Crabb. Afterward she moved to Memphis, TN and married Bill, whom she met in the counseling program. They later lived in St. Petersburg, Russia for 7 years as missionaries, did humanitarian work in the Middle East for two years, and lived on Capitol Hill for several years. Lynn and Bill have four children: two grown sons, and two teenage daughters who are homeschooled. Lynn has been homeschooling for 15 years and has taught her popular Life Skills class for five years. When she’s not busy teaching & tutoring, Lynn enjoys leading a troop of American Heritage
Girls, cheering for her daughters’ volleyball team, watching classic movies with her family, reading, and baking.

Cyndy Berryman. Cyndy received her BS in engineering from the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) and her ADN RN degree in 2009 from Lord Fairfax Community College. She currently works part time as a labor and delivery nurse. Cyndy and her husband have 6 children which they have homeschooled since the oldest was in 1st grade (26 years homeschooling). They have graduated 5 children who all went on to college, and one is currently being homeschooled. When Cyndy had her first child, she wondered why God would have directed her to a science/math degree if she was going to stay home with her children. And then she embarked on the amazing journey of homeschooling and found her niche teaching high school math and science. God is so Good!