PE Classes and Did You Know Highlights

Did you know? We are excited to be offering two P.E. courses at CHESS run by GamePoint Athletics. Younger students in grades 4-6th can now be a part of the CHESS community. 7-9th graders will also have an opportunity to participate in both fall and spring P.E. courses. Registration for fall semester P.E. is open until August 30th.

Did you know? Mr. Terry Kim’s Old Testament Survey course could be counted as a history credit? This a study of a people group. This course will cover the major events, characters and laws in the Old Testament, God’s relationship to Israel, and more.

Did you know? Both parents’ and students’ respect for Mr. John Jenkins Civics-oriented Mock Trial classes create a strong foundation for teaching U.S. Government. With his focus and goal for critical thinking and effective communication, coupled with his long-standing interest in our Nation’s history and its relevance to our lives today, John brings a fresh perspective to the foundations for freedom upon which our Nation was built.

Go to our website to register or find out more: http://www.chessclasses.org
Or contact Tara Taylor, 703 753-1901 M-F 9-5

Registration for fall semester academic courses closes August 15th.

Our vision at CHESS is to help parents homeschool through high school by providing classes that enrich students’ lives, develop their abilities, and challenge them to explore their life’s purpose. CHESS exists to support homeschooling parents of seventh through twelfth grade students by providing classes to develop life skills and prepare students for college-level studies.

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