CHESS v NOVA cost comparison

At CHESS you save money, but that’s not all.

Homeschooling parents of older teens have a decision to make: continue with high school classes or enroll their students at community college through dual enrollment. When high school students dual enroll, they can simultaneously earn high school and college credit. And, on the surface, dual enrollment appears attractive.

But making an informed decision isn’t as simple as you think. Cost is a major concern, but learning how dual enrollment works should also be taken into account. Finally, the CHESS experience is far different than the community college campus experience – academically, socially and spiritually.

Money matters

We all like to save money. Dual enrollment sounds like a great way to whittle down college costs. But does it?

The table below shows how prices compare for three typical upper-level courses. NOVA course names are in parenthesis.

• Chemistry Lecture/Lab (Chemistry 111)
• Effective Writing/Honors (Composition 111/Honors)
• Pre-calculus (Math 166)

The bottom line: CHESS saves you money. Taking these three classes at CHESS with available discounts, plus additional book fees and parking, you could save as much as $1,230 over NOVA.















Our vision at CHESS is to help parents homeschool through high school by providing classes that enrich students’ lives, develop their abilities, and challenge them to explore their life’s purpose. CHESS exists to support homeschooling parents of seventh through twelfth grade students by providing classes to develop life skills and prepare students for college-level studies.

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