$1000 scholarship winner Michael Brokate

Congratulations to Michael Brokate who won the $1,000 senior scholarship.

Michael will be attending Regent University in Virginia Beach with four other outstanding CHESS grads.

Seniors, it’s not to early to starting thinking about CHESS’s scholarships for 2018-19.  Look for updates coming this fall.

Below are the details from last year.



CHESS Scholarship 2017-18

 – $500 non-renewable scholarship for a student pursuing their career through a mission program, apprenticeship, or vocational school

– $1,000 non-renewable scholarship for a student pursuing their education through a college or university

Attached is the application in two formats:

1. PDF  form that you can print, fill out and then scan and email to us: $1000 | $500

2. Fillable form where you can type your answers directly into the form and email back to us: $1000 | $500

Both application forms require electronic submission of all documents except for the sealed recommendation which must be mailed to CHESS in an envelope sealed by the evaluator. All applications and supporting documentation must be electronically submitted by March 15, 2018 to: CHESSscholarships.  No late applications will be accepted.

Our vision at CHESS is to help parents homeschool through high school by providing classes that enrich students’ lives, develop their abilities, and challenge them to explore their life’s purpose. CHESS exists to support homeschooling parents of seventh through twelfth grade students by providing classes to develop life skills and prepare students for college-level studies.

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