College and career focus

For the 2016-17 school year, CHESS is offering a wide variety of courses, all of which effectively equip students for college and life. See our course catalog for the complete list of all our courses.

Here are some highlights:

  • Career Photography – The art of photography through the lens of a business
  • Journalism 101 – Learn professional writing skills and techniques, and develop the student’s natural voice
  • Mastering Microsoft Essentials – Use Word, Excel, and Power Point to accomplish real-world projects
  • Effective Writing and IMHO-Logic“These classes train you to think and to communicate – immeasurably valuable skills which I use every day at work and interacting with the culture. Much of the content I learned exceeded anything I was taught at University.” Jesse Taylor, Electrical Engineer, MICRON
  • Economics – Learn to protect your freedom through hard work and free enterprise and create your own market
  • Personal Finance – Preparing for financial independence; understanding financial responsibility
  • Study Skills – Discover and put into practice the tools needed to be successful in any learning environment
  • Career Exploration – Explore personal interests and research careers, plus interviewing and applying for jobs
  • Advanced Leadership Academy
Our vision at CHESS is to help parents homeschool through high school by providing classes that enrich students’ lives, develop their abilities, and challenge them to explore their life’s purpose. CHESS exists to support homeschooling parents of seventh through twelfth grade students by providing classes to develop life skills and prepare students for college-level studies.

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